All Change: An Update!

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What has Changed?

Well not a lot really and mostly cosmetic. The most obvious is my website has had an update as the last one was 6 years old, outdated and impossible for me to maintain. I'm an acupuncturist not a technology guru! I wanted to provide information that is easily accessible and up to date. So, here we are!

I'm still Sarah Usmani! I still have a clinic in Beckenham although, this has has moved from my previous home to Breeze Yoga near Beckenham Junction Station. I still practice acupuncture. But, as a lifelong learner, I have updated my knowledge over the years and I incorporate this gathered knowledge into how I practice now. For example, I now use auricular acupuncture to enhance the effectiveness of my treatments. I now incorporate a Balance Method developed by Dr Tan to provide effective pain relief. I also offer facial acupuncture to enhance a youthful appearance. I have continued to develop and grow my knowledge in the area of fertility. One thing is sure, and that is that I will continue to develop my knowledge and my skills with acupuncture as I still love it as much as I did when I embarked on my career many years ago.

Talk to me!

I really hope you like what you see and I hope that you come back often to see new posts, I want these to be helpful, interesting and relevant. You can subscribe so you don't miss out out on any offers or articles. I am really keen to pass on information if I can help you improve your health. If you have ideas or opinions of what you would like to see, please do contact me, I'm always open to ideas! And of course, if you wish to book an appointment or chat about whether acupuncture can help you please do get in touch.


All Change: An Update!